Health Crisis

How To Prepare For The Future Despite The Health Crisis?

The health crisis has reshuffled the cards of diploma courses. Before the successive confinements, studying went into the unconscious by going to a training center, often in a city and this one sometimes far from the initial home. Today and in a context of restriction, studying online has become a matter of course for acquiring degrees. It must be said that the appearance of new high-performance technological tools has contributed to the growth of online training. This new way of studying now adapts perfectly to the new reality.

The BTS remains a reference diploma for concrete training and quick access to a job, but also often a springboard for a career. Contrary to popular belief, they exist in all professional fields and therefore you have a relatively wide choice on the profession in which you want to be trained or on the skills you want to acquire. These BAC + 2 training courses remain popular with companies and students because they remain close to the needs of companies. But why choose to get a BTS online?

How Are The Courses Organized?

Classic, face-to-face lessons generally impose long and often restrictive time slots. Some online courses offer the advantage of alternating traditional courses given by a speaker with those given by supporting videos to illustrate the course. The formats have often been revisited for short and attractive sequences. They facilitate learning, memorization and limit fatigue . Also “live” sessions can also be organized, with the possibility of accessing replays, which allows, when the content is complex, to listen again to better consolidate one’s knowledge.

In addition, online training offers a complete and rigorous diploma training (oral, mock exams in real conditions, annals). Above all, distance training can start at any time, without waiting for the start of the school year, which is sometimes unsuited to the candidate’s reality. You can design your tailor-made schedule with support until success and sometimes even with a “graduate or refund” guarantee. Online training has now taken a step back and offers a real experience of active pedagogy and social learning, on a platform that facilitates exchanges between students.

Distance Learning BTS: Choose Quality Training

Not all BTS are created equal and it is the same online. Once you have made your decision, you will have to find a specialized organization. For this, you can of course rely on the opinions of former students, but also make comparisons with the characteristics on the web. It’s easy to read the detailed program and see if it meets your expectations or not. Some offer extracts or tutorials in order to verify that the quality of the interventions corresponds to your expectations.

Also, if you want to take a BTS from a distance , you should check the quality of the organization through its reputation, both digital and academic. The more people he has trained, the more generally reliable he will be. Note that registration for remote BTS is often done outside Parcoursup. It is therefore a question of obtaining information.

Study Wherever You Want, A New Opportunity

Above all, online training allows you not to have to travel to a place other than your city. Many training courses are not available in all regions and it should be taken into account that renting a studio or a room places a considerable strain on a student’s budget. Some even abandoned their preferred training because of this major drawback of compulsory face-to-face training. If lower costs are an opportunity thanks to online training, there is another undeniable advantage: the less fatigue that resulted from transport.

Keeping up your energy to succeed is essential and it remains obvious that spending your time looking for an apartment close to your place of training or in transport every day does not represent a factor of success