The power of Craigslist: bringing people together

Last night I was reminded of the power that digital media have of bringing people together. My wife and I attended a birthday party for our friend, Bud, who chose the occasion to hold the debut public concert for his basement band, tentatively called “Doc Hollywood.” He rented the Altona Grange Hall north of Boulder…

Taking some heat on Craigslist suggestions

It’s good when something you write turns up a bunch of discussion, right? That’s certainly the case with my “An Open Letter to Craigslist,” which I posted to late last week. Scroll down to a very active discussion thread. I’d have to say that most people didn’t get my real intent; I’m feeling a…

An open letter to Craigslist

Over on, I’ve posted “An open letter to Craigslist.” I’d love to read your reactions — and your ideas added on to my own — so please join in the comments thread there! Briefly, the premise is that Craigslist could help out the newspaper industry — and it’s in Craig’s interest to do so….

Craig on newspaper classifieds

Craig (who needs no last name to be recognized, but it’s Newmark) spoke to editors at the Washington Post this week. Here’s a video clip: More thoughts over on