Jeff Bezos

4 things that Jeff Bezos can do with the Washington Post

Since founder (and multi-billionaire) Jeff Bezos isn’t talking specifically about what he’ll do now that he’s agreed to purchase the Washington Post and related properties for $250 million, it’s fair game for media pundits to speculate. And have they! Like everyone else, not having the opportunity to pick Bezos’ brain directly about his plans,…

iPad as main computing device

(Probably) my last laptop

I just bought another Macbook Pro, to replace the one that I have to give back to the University of Colorado Boulder in less than a week, since my gig working there is over. I wonder, will this be the last laptop computer I buy as my primary work machine? The answer is yes. I’m…


Tech advances will bring more live POV news

Earlier this week on the ONA Educators group on Facebook, Curt Chandler pointed out innovative coverage of recent protests in Brazil by photographer/filmmaker Michel de Souza. The resulting video, below, is a combination of Souza’s video recording from his own point of view, plus interspersed still news shots. Like others who have experimented with this…


ThingLinking Colorado’s many wildfires

(The scary photo above of the West Fork Complex fire closing in on the small town of South Fork is from Here in Colorado we’re having insane wildfire season #2, a repeat of last summer, one of the state’s worst. Much of this is the result of wildfires — an annual inevitability in Colorado…

From Jim Naughton's LinkedIn profile

The problem with dead people on social media

Here’s something that social-media services will need to fix soon: There are too many dead people online whose social presences make them appear to be alive — and indeed, I often receive suggestions to “connect” to someone who’s passed away. When will this get fixed, LinkedIn? Here’s an interactive graphic showing some examples of the…

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Follow the leader

10, 15 free web articles a month: Is this a mistake? (Yes!)

I think it’s safe to say that what Walter Isaacson and Steven Brill started — a wave of newspaper websites putting up “metered paywalls” where there’s a subscription or membership fee required for site visitors who want to read more than X number of articles per month — has taken hold in a big way….