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Rather than have a big long list of blogs in the right column like most others do, this is my page of recommended new-media-focused blogs (and websites). It’s a collection of ones that I simply like to read, plus those of friends, colleagues and new-media industry gurus.

Amy Gahran – Contentious
Amy is an online-content and citizen-media guru, and self-described “provocateur.” Amy and I started the E-Media Tidbits blog (now published by the Poynter Institute) in 2000.

Ask Derek Scruggs
An Internet entrepreneur based in Boulder, Colorado, Derek is my former business partner on the Enthusiast Group. This is his blog.
A noble and smart effort to help reporters use social networks of niche experts to improve coverage of their beats.

BlogNetNews News Innovation
Aggregated feed of bloggers who cover new media and the general theme of news innovation.

Jeff Jarvis’ media/new-media blog. Jeff’s a prolific and influential blogger, former mainstream-media executive now a media consultant, and he often touches on citizen-media and social-networking topics.

Center for Citizen Media blog

Clear Content
Blog and website for online content and community consultant Joel Fugazzotto.

Dan’s Diner
Blog of online community/social media/new media guru Dan Pacheco.

Dan Gillmor’s blog
This is the citizen-media guru’s blog. Dan is director of the Center for Citizen Media, director of the Knight Center for Digital Media Entrepreneurship at Arizona State University, and a former San Jose Mercury News technology columnist.

David Berkowitz’s Marketing Blog
Interactive marketing insight and trends from marketer, columnist, speaker and strategist.

David Black’s Blog
Personal blog of the Group Director of Digital Publishing at Trinity Mirror plc. Includes links on the trends transforming newspaper and classified businesses online.

Editor on the Verge
Online musings from the newsroom and beyond, by Yoni Greenbaum.

Danish online journalism resource (in Danish!).

E-Media Tidbits
A group blog (20+ contributors) covering online news and new media, published by the Poynter Institute. Amy Gahran and I started this blog in 2000, then it moved to Poynter when I took a job there as a senior editor. I was Tidbits’ editor for 4 years; I continue to write for it periodically.

Eva Dominguez’ Bloggiculum
By new-media expert Eva Dominguez. (In Spanish; if you’re like me you’ll need a translation tool.)

Feld Thoughts
Brad Feld is a managing director at The Foundry Group and lives in Boulder, Colorado (and Homer, Alaska). His blog covers the Internet investment world and is a must-read for Internet entrepreneurs.
Covering mostly newspapers online, by an online news pioneer.

Imagining the Future of Newspapers blog
Great group blog of news new-media thinkers by the Newspaper Association of America.

It’s the End of the Publishing World as We Know It, and I Feel Fine
B2B publishing executive Dan Blank on publishing, innovation and the Web.

Jack Lail: Random Mumblings
Media blog of Jack Lail, managing editor/multimedia for the Knoxville News-Sentinel.

Jay Small’s Blog
Part of his Small Initiatives consulting practice. Jay is an online news guru whose day job is with E.W. Scripps.

JD Lasica
JD is a star new-media blogger, founder of, and co-founder of

Journalism Hope
K. Paul Mallasch’s thoughts and views on media in general and grassroots journalism (or independent media) in particular.
K. Paul Mallasch’s community where independent publishers can share ideas, information, stories, etc.

Local Onliner
Consultant Peter Krasilovsky’s take on what’s important and why, especially in the local search and media space.

Lost Remote
This is a great group blog (led by Cory Bergman) about new media, with special emphasis on the intersection of the Internet and broadcasting.
A UK-centric blog covering online journalism and new media by journalist Martin Stabe.

Matthew Buckland’s blog
Matthew is a South African online-news pioneer and guru, and is general manager of the Mail & Guardian Online.

PR digital guru Steve Rubel on how technology is revolutionizing media and marketing.

New Media Bytes
Blog about changing face of news media online by Shawn Smith of

News After Newspapers
“An examination of the tools and techniques for journalism and news publishing that are rising as newspapers fall,” by Marti Langeveld.

Newspaper Death Watch

How to adapt the practice and business of journalism to the Web, by Michael Amedeo Tumolillo.

Notes From a Teacher
New media observations by Vancouver journalism instructor Mark Hamilton.

Online Journalism Blog
By Paul Bradshaw and “virtual interns.”

pda: the digital content blog
From The Guardian (UK). Reported by new media journalist Jemima Kiss.

NYU’s Jay Rosen on the transformation of media in the digital age. Consistently thoughtful.

Publishing 2.0
Scott Karp’s blog about how technology is transforming media.

Recovering Journalist
Mark Potts is a consultant and entrepreneur. These are his thoughts on the media, the Internet, Web 2.0 and changes in how we create, receive and interact with news, information and advertising.

Reflections of a Newsosaur
Alan Mutter covers the business side of the newspaper industry and its digital transition.

If you’re in the news business and you don’t read Jim Romenesko’s blog on Poynter Online … well, what’s wrong with you?

Ryan Sholin: Invisible Inkling
New media vision and ideas by Ryan Sholin.

Tell Zell
Anonymous blog by a LA Times staffer documenting and commenting on how Tribune Co. owner Sam Zell is steering the company into the ground.

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