Within the news and digital-media field, I wear (and have worn) multiple hats: journalist, columnist, blogger, pundit, researcher, author, speaker, adviser, consultant, entrepreneur…

On this page I have listed companies, organizations, and institutions that I have a current or recent past relationship of which readers should know about. When I write on this blog about an entity with which I have or had a recent business relationship with, I will note it and link to this page.

I have been a professional journalist for more than three decades. Though my work is not limited to journalistic activities, I do adhere to the principles of journalism and balanced reporting in my writing and operate ethically in other activities such as consulting for entities that may be included in my writing or speaking.

Steve Outing, 11/15/2009 (last updated)

  • Editor & Publisher / Nielsen Corp.. Since 1995 I have been a contract columnist for E&P, which is part of the giant Nielsen publishing group.
  • FutureOfNews.com. I periodically serve as a paid consultant for this small Boulder-based company, which focuses on digital classifieds solutions.
  • Kachingle. I started writing about this company in early 2009. Subsequently, I have served as an adviser to the company and as of late 2009 have a very small financial stake in it.
  • Poynter Institute. I worked at Poynter as a senior editor from 2001 to 2006. I retain loose ties via its E-Media Tidbits group blog, of which I was founder.
  • University of Colorado at Boulder – School of Journalism & Mass Communications. I am currently working in a paid consulting relationship with the School on several digital-media initiatives.

I also advise other companies within the technology-and-news space. Should those relationships evolve to a potential conflict of interest with my writing, or a financial relationship be established, I will add them to this list.