Innovate blur

How to spark innovation in your own thinking (journalism edition)

This post is part of the latest Carnival of Journalism group-blogging thought exercise. The question (posed this month by Donica Mensing, associate professor of journalism at the University of Nevada, Reno): “How do you spark innovation in your own thinking, your newsroom or classroom? What techniques do you recommend?” Well, I’m game to tackle that…

Nice drone

MIT is developing yet another handy use for small drones, guided by a specially designed mobile app. … Yet more jobs that could be lost to technology: tour guides.

Brain-computer interface

Mind to machine: A dream of hands-free writing

A wonderful humor essay appeared recently in the New Yorker: “A SHORT STORY WRITTEN WITH THOUGHT-TO-TEXT TECHNOLOGY,” by Jesse Eisenberg. It’s a fun read, so check it out, then come back here. Actually, what’s fascinating about this essay is that its premise — a device or system that can transfer your thoughts to text on…