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Writing About the Future: A new community you should join!

Do you write about the future(s)? Then I hope that you’ll join this new Facebook group/community, “Writing About the Future,” which I just launched. It’s for: Journalists Writers Authors Scriptwriters Filmmakers Educators Students Artists And anyone who wants to learn, share, and/or teach how to write about and anticipate likely futures better

The Circle

How a sci-fi dystopian vision can improve the future

Futurists deal with scenarios. With a single future for any industry or important issue impossible to predict accurately, the best way to forecast what is years or decades ahead is by working with multiple (plausible) scenarios, and going from there — say, to developing solutions to societal problems that accompany respective scenarios (of climate change,…

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In David Brin’s ‘Existence,’ a sci-fi journalist relies on credible smart mobs and ubiquitous connection

If you want to have an idea of what the future (or various futures) might look like, I hope you’re a fan of science fiction. The best sci-fi novelists, including author/futurist/scientist David Brin, are adept at extrapolating possible futures based on emerging technologies, scientific discoveries, and societal trends that are just beginning to exhibit themselves…

Exponential growth

Exponential speeding up of disruption: It’s media’s challenge to deal with it

It’s fair to say that the majority of media executives, and practitioners too, have had trouble in the last decade-plus keeping up with the pace of technological advancements and the disruptions they’ve caused for media companies. It’s equally a fair bet that most of the aforementioned people expect digital-technology advances to continue, and for more…

Jetsons news future

Partners, funders, collaborators needed to bring futurists to news industry

What if the news industry had hired futurists to scan the technology and social horizons back in the late 1990s and early 2000s? Perhaps with some long-range thinking and foresight injected into news organizations’ decision-making, the industry wouldn’t be such a mess as it is today. Perhaps thousands of journalists would not have been laid…

Futurist Gray Scott

Futurist interview: Gray Scott on media-impacting future technologies

Gray Scott is on the younger side of the futurists spectrum; most people who carve out careers as futurists tend to be older and grayer. Scott, who calls himself a “futurist and neuro-technology philosopher,” also describes himself as one of the “most controversial futurists of our time.” He’s a speaker, artist, writer, and editorial director…