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The futures of journalism (science-fiction edition)

What does the future hold for journalism and the news business? Will there be journalists in space? Will journalist-hackers roam the wilds of future internets? Will the world even need news professionals in a future of ubiquitous shared data and artificial intelligence? Reading or viewing science fiction offers some (conjectural) answers to those questions and…


Science fiction suggests some futures for news and media-tech

The best creators of science-fiction are great at conjuring up entertaining and sometimes plausible futures. Indeed, the best of them have envisioned future technologies that eventually became reality. (The classic example: Star Trek’s Communicator. Many years later, Communicator-like mobile flip phones became mainstream.) Occasionally, science-fiction writers, authors, script writers, TV producers, and film directors have…

Reboot the blog

Reboot blog!

I’ve taken a break from blogging for a few months, but I’m more than ready to restart! My focus remains on the future of journalism, and especially using the methods of Foresight to anticipate likely futures. That’s mostly what I’ll post here — but I might stray occasionally. Top photo: Creative Commons use, by Neerav…

Writing about future

Writing About the Future: A new community you should join!

Do you write about the future(s)? Then I hope that you’ll join this new Facebook group/community, “Writing About the Future,” which I just launched. It’s for: Journalists Writers Authors Scriptwriters Filmmakers Educators Students Artists And anyone who wants to learn, share, and/or teach how to write about and anticipate likely futures better