Send in the drones (to disaster areas), please

There’s this pet peeve of mine about disaster coverage by news media, and it’s been the case again in early coverage of the earthquakes in Nepal and devastation in the city of Kathmandu. Of course, photojournalists and news videographers shoot images of the worst damage. Editors select the best (worst) photos and video. That’s what…

Boulder flooding

Disaster news coverage will be much better in a few years

Boulder, Colorado, and surrounding towns were hit recently with days of record rainfall, history-making flooding, and epic damage. The destruction covered larger towns like Boulder and Longmont, and was truly horrific in mountain towns like Jamestown and Lyons. I was in the middle of this (i.e., getting rained on like everyone else), but my family’s…

Nice drone

MIT is developing yet another handy use for small drones, guided by a specially designed mobile app. … Yet more jobs that could be lost to technology: tour guides.