ThingLinking Colorado’s many wildfires

(The scary photo above of the West Fork Complex fire closing in on the small town of South Fork is from

Here in Colorado we’re having insane wildfire season #2, a repeat of last summer, one of the state’s worst. Much of this is the result of wildfires — an annual inevitability in Colorado — growing bigger as mountain pine beetle killed forests provide massive amounts of fuel. The state’s beetle epidemic is linked to the effects of global warming.

Colorado’s media organizations are using various online tools to keep everyone updated on the various fires. One handy online service that’s well suited for this is ThingLink. Here’s a map created by Denver’s 9News using ThingLink. (Hover your cursor over the map to reveal hidden content.)

A nice feature is that the map can be embedded anywhere (such as here on, and when editors update the information, embedded version like this are updated, too.

That’s much easier than trying to embed a Google Map like this one, also kept updated by 9News editors.

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