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The problem with dead people on social media

By Steve Outing

Here’s something that social-media services will need to fix soon: There are too many dead people online whose social presences make them appear to be alive — and indeed, I often receive suggestions to “connect” to someone who’s passed away. When will this get fixed, LinkedIn?

Here’s an interactive graphic showing some examples of the dearly departed reaching out to me online. (Click the play button in the middle of the image below.)

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One Response to "The problem with dead people on social media"

  1. Dave Elchoness
    Dave Elchoness 4 years ago .Reply

    Yes. Because I’ve connected with so many people over the years this happens to me pretty often. And yes, I’ve been prompted to link in with dead people who I was connected with elsewhere several times. I also agree that Facebook can be a great tool for remembering a friend. Twice I learned of a death on Facebook and had the opportunity to learn more about the lives. Once, back when Twitter was still a small place, I learned of a follower’s death from West Nile. He was a new “friend” with whom I tweeted frequently. Maybe we should make it a practice to leave our social media passwords with our next of kin for them to update our accounts.

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