Testing VYou… Is this on? Got a question?

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By Steve Outing

I’m definitely intrigued by VYou.com, currently in beta, which allows you to set up your own video Q&A channel and have people ask you questions (short, in text) which you answer with a video response. In time, the system supposedly will automatically play responses from your archived video answers based on the question asked. If nothing from your answer archive matches, you’re prompted to record an original video answer.

I can see how this would be nice for online retail or customer support. But I’m most interested in potential news/journalism applications. This coming semester, the editor-in-chief of CUIndependent.com, Sara Morrey, will give VYou a try as a way to better interact with and answer questions of her site’s audience (CU-Boulder students, mostly). That should be interesting.

Meanwhile, I’ve created my own beta VYou profile page, and you can ask me a question, if you care to…

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