Overpriced 14-year-old book (mine) on eBay?!

By Steve Outing

Queue up the “eBay Song” by Weird Al Yankovic. … An eBay oddity landed in my inbox today in the form of a Google Alert e-mail that I have set to watch for when my name turns up in articles, blogs, etc. Included was a link to this page on eBay where an online bookseller has two copies of my 1996 trade book, “Newspapers and New Media,” for sale with a Buy-It-Now price of $118.64.


The amusing thing to me (well, actually, it’s just sad) is that the small advance and piddling royalty checks I received over the years from the publisher for that thin (67-page) title made it, I think, the single project in my past with the lowest payout per hour of work.

Thanks, Google Alerts, for reminding me of an ancient bad career decision. … It’s amazing, isn’t it? The crap you can buy on eBay? :)

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