Can you persuade people to pay for online news? Ask the psychologist

By Steve Outing

If you’re a publisher and want to get online users to pay for news content, you’ll have to work the psychology angle. That goes for persuading people to voluntarily pay for news using some of the new and under-development online-contribution systems, as well as requiring people to pay if they want to see news online.

To get an idea of how to best persuade people to pay for online content when they’ve been getting it mostly for free for so many years, I interviewed Stanford professor B.J. Fogg, a psychologist who studies persuasive technology (a.k.a., captology) and heads the Persuasive Technology Lab at Stanford.

I’ve shared some of his wisdom, and his reactions to various schemes to get people to pay for online content, in my latest column for Editor & Publisher Online:

What a Persuasive Technology Psychologist Can Tell Us About Paying for News Online

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