Ted Diadiun will respond on Monday

By Steve Outing

In my previous blog item, I piled on to the large number of critics of Cleveland Plain Dealer “Reader Rep” Ted Diadiun, who sounded quite curmudgeonly during a video interview posted earlier this week. An old-media guy calling bloggers “a bunch of pipsqueaks” tends to get the blogosphere riled up.

Plain Dealer “News Impact Editor” John Kroll informs me that on Monday he’ll release a follow-up video discussion with Diadiun. Writes Kroll:

“Ted Diadiun and I have debated the squeakiness of the online world in a video that we’ll be posting this Monday around 11 a.m. (EDT) in his usual spot, cleveland.com/news-videos.

“Proving that neither one of us has the talent God gave Vanna White, it’s a mind-numbing 20 minutes long, filled with monotonous babble (and Ted gets to talk, too). But we go over several points you and others mentioned.”

OK, sounds intriguing. I’ll be watching.

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