Tired legs and catching up

By Steve Outing

Yeah, I’ve been playing hooky quite a bit lately. In the previous couple weeks I’ve mountain biked 4 days on Utah’s famed White Rim Trail, then succumbed to an invitation from a friend to drive to southwestern Colorado and ride some great trails near Cortez and Durango for 2 days. (Fellow mountain bikers: You have got to check out the Phil’s World trail system which is near the entrance to Mesa Verde National Park. Stellar!) It’s a “benefit” of being temporarily underemployed to take time off, but my legs are feeling tired.

While I was away, Colorado Public Radio current affairs program “Colorado Matters” aired a 13-minute interview with me by host Ryan Warner. Here’s the archived version if you care to listen to the discussion about the future of news in an era when the newspaper industry is falling apart.

Newspapers’ Digital Future

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