Don’t you think it’s time to for J-schools to change their names?

By Steve Outing

It’s one of those thoughts I can’t believe hasn’t crossed my mind till now. (Though I’m certain it’s not original.) But I just noticed that lots of journalism schools at universities are still called the “School of Journalism and Mass Communication.”

Don’t you think it’s about time that they all get rid of the unneeded and outdated word “Mass”?

After all, it’s the “mass” part — the old news industry model of one-to-many — that is fast being usurped by the many-to-many and social model that is so much a part of the digital world that journalism is transitioning to.

I’m not sure they need to replace Mass with another word; just remove it. “School of Journalism and Communication” fits today’s media reality.

To the many journalism schools that still have “Mass” in their names, why is it still there?

Author: Steve Outing Steve Outing is a Boulder, Colorado-based media futurist, digital-news innovator, consultant, journalist, and educator. ... Need assistance with media-company future strategy? Get in touch with Steve!