Rosenblum: Blow up the legacy business

By Steve Outing

In case you haven’t seen it, video guru and media consultant Michael Rosenblum gave a fiery speech to newspaper editors a the Society of Editors conference in Bristol, England. A 10-minute video of his speech is here.

A shorter version of his message can be absorbed in this 3-1/2-minute video interview:

His message — that newspapers need to blow up much (but not all) of their legacy business in order to reinvent themselves for the digital age — is something we’ve heard plenty of over the years. But now things are getting bad enough for newspapers that perhaps we’ll see some publishers take this kind of advice seriously. The Christian Science Monitor made a big step in that direction just this month by announcing that it will kill off its print edition during the week and become online-centric, publishing in print only on the weekend.

More commonly, newspapers are ignoring Rosenblum’s advice. Take the Tribune Co. which is doing major reinvention/redesigns of their titles’ print editions, expecting to attract new and younger readers. That’s just completely the wrong approach, as I wrote recently in my Editor & Publisher Online column.

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