Twitter posts are getting some Google cred

By Steve Outing

Whoa! Keyword and search marketing guru Dan Murray e-mailed me to note that one of my Twitter posts (aka, tweets) showed up in the top 5 in a Google search for “Palin neighbor“.

I don’t profess to understand how this happened, but it’s intriguing to learn that Google now takes tweets so seriously.

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4 Responses to "Twitter posts are getting some Google cred"

  1. medilicious
    medilicious 9 years ago .Reply

    …I bet no one at Google can really explain you how this happens as well… :-)

  2. Ben
    Ben 9 years ago .Reply

    Shhhh, don’t tell the spammers, we’ll see even more Twitter spam then.

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  4. Kathryn OneMoreBite
    Kathryn OneMoreBite 8 years ago .Reply

    Well, I found this by searching google for “twitter posts google” (w/o quotes). I wanted to see if Google was indexing twitter! Small/vast global world, eh?

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