I really need to update ’11 Layers’ article…

By Steve Outing

This popped up in my ego filter: Colorado State University adjunct professor of journalism Jeff Browne assigned my old “11 Layers of Citizen Journalism” essay to students in his Online Writing and Journalism class. (It’s been a popular article over the years; I often see it on reading lists.)

I wrote that piece in 2005 when I was working for the Poynter Institute. While it’s held up somewhat well, it’s nevertheless dated. One of these days when I have some free time (yeah, right), I’ll try to do an updated version.

To Browne’s students: Please keep in mind that it was written several years ago, some of the facts are outdated, and the warranty on my words is long past!

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  1. Tyrone
    Tyrone 9 years ago .Reply

    While it may have been written in 2005, most of it remains pertinent to journalists today. Only a few things have changed, but more so new innovations need to be added. I look forward to reading about your new ideas and applying them in my own work.

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