What is Twitter good for?

By Steve Outing

This is for my wife, who is trying to figure out how to use Twitter (despite that her friends aren’t on it yet). You might find it interesting too…

How Do You Use Twitter? from biz stone on Vimeo.

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2 Responses to "What is Twitter good for?"

  1. Karen
    Karen 9 years ago .Reply

    Interesting video!

    My Twitter story: It’s my habit to Tweet about whatever book I’m reading at the moment. I have 35 followers, mostly people I know. Who am I? Nobody, right?

    So out of the blue, I get an email from the husband of the author of a book I Tweeted about. Turns out he searched the public Twitter postings and found my post about the book. He followed Twitter to my blog and then emailed me. Turns out we had something in common, and he had a story to tell me.

    It’s amazing how connected we all really are.

  2. F. Andy Seidl
    F. Andy Seidl 9 years ago .Reply

    Karen: No! You are somebody! You’re nobody if you’re not on twitter (at least according to the song: http://tinyurl.com/6dvzef 😉

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