Taking some heat on Craigslist suggestions

By Steve Outing

It’s good when something you write turns up a bunch of discussion, right? That’s certainly the case with my “An Open Letter to Craigslist,” which I posted to ReinventingClassifieds.com late last week. Scroll down to a very active discussion thread.

I’d have to say that most people didn’t get my real intent; I’m feeling a bit like the artist for the New Yorker who did that (great, IMHO) cartoon with the Obamas as terrorists. One argument against me is that it’s unseemly for the newspaper industry to “beg” for help from Craig & Co. There’s also a sentiment by some that newspaper executives screwed up so badly that they deserve to see the industry go down in smoke. A new “Fifth Estate” is building, said one commenter, which will replace the flawed newspaper model.

My reactions to some of the criticisms are peppered within the comment thread.

BTW, I’ve asked if Craigslist intends to respond. I still don’t know, but CEO Jim Buckmaster assured me he is not “annoyed” by my letter, and he’ll let me know if they decide to respond. Stay tuned.

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