Citizen reporters and the ‘rules’ of journalism

By Steve Outing

JD Lasica interviewed NYU’s Jay Rosen in the video below, in which Rosen gives an excellent overview of the Mayhill Fowler dual controversies. Fowler was the “citizen journalist” working for Off The Bus who captured Barack Obama’s “bitter about guns and religion” comment and Bill Clinton cursing out an author.

Rosen echoes my own thoughts about how “real” journalists are (over)reacting: The traditional rules of engagement that journalists live by don’t really apply to citizens, who a) don’t care about the rules and b) probably don’t know about them. “Citizens” don’t care about access to public figures in the way that pro journalists do, so they have no motivation to hold back when they experience something worth sharing, as Fowler did on those two occasions.

Citizen reporting threatens the club from JD Lasica on Vimeo.

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