Your tweets are not private communication

By Steve Outing

I was a bit taken aback this evening when I saw that Derek Willis quoted one of my Twitter posts from earlier today on his blog, The Scoop. (That’s an insightful item, by the way, about the behind-the-scenes situation at the Washington Post where interactive star Rob Curley and his team are departing.)

Now, I don’t mind at all that Willis used my tweet. But it did get me thinking about my postings to micro-blogging sites like Twitter. I need to start thinking before I post something that it could show up anywhere, and get much wider distribution than just the couple hundred people currently following me on Twitter. I suggest that you start thinking likewise.

Today’s tweet went beyond my Twitter followers; will yours?

I remember many instances in recent years where people naively posted something to their blogs and expected that to be private conversation between the few friends who follow their blogs. By now, I sense that most folks have figured out that when they post to their blogs, it’s anything but “private.”

Twitter posts aren’t private or even semi-private, either.

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