User comments in limbo

By Steve Outing

Argh! Intense Debate (used for comments on this blog) has been having problems today that still aren’t resolved. I know from their tech support folks that they’re working on it. Meanwhile, comments to this blog are stuck in moderation queue and I can’t get to them to approve for publication. I can be patient, but I wonder if many of their others users won’t be.

This points to the dangers of relying for outside services. You have to be prepared for the occasional glitch or outage that’s beyond your control. Not that the same thing can’t and doesn’t happen with internal services.

Apologies to anyone who left a comment here today. Perhaps I can get to them tomorrow.

(Update: Intense Debate did fix this problem and it’s back to normal. Excellent customer service — especially when you consider that the service is free to use!)

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