5-second classifieds poll: Just take it!

By Steve Outing

I’m just curious. … This is for a newspaper classifieds project I’m working on. I’ll have a more comprehensive survey of classifieds and news managers ready soon. Meanwhile, tell me where you’re head is at about newspaper classifieds’ prospects for the future.


Go here to take the poll.

Author: Steve Outing Steve Outing is a Boulder, Colorado-based media futurist, digital-news innovator, consultant, journalist, and educator. ... Need assistance with media-company future strategy? Get in touch with Steve!

5 Responses to "5-second classifieds poll: Just take it!"

  1. Jill
    Jill 9 years ago .Reply

    Hi Steve – I'm an admirer of your work but am going to stick my neck out a bit and ask what I would think is an obvious question: why is Techgrl.com created by two men? :) I should add that I just returned from a three-day conference called WAM!2008 – Women, Action & the Media that was at MIT. So this women and tech stuff is kind of on my mind. Thanks! And I posted about it on my blog, Writes Like She Talks, indicating that I'd ask you this question. Looking forward to hearing about it.

  2. Steve Outing
    Steve Outing 9 years ago .Reply

    Jill: Despite the name, the comic is not just about "techGRL." "Lexi" is our 15-year-old main character (coincidentally the age of my oldest daughter), but her dad is a David Pogue-like tech reviewer who brings a lot of technology into the household, and he's an equally important character. So we think it's broader than being "just" a teen girl comic. We'll have both teen and technology themes. Soon we'll be introducing a young woman as the Lexi character, so you'll hear her voice periodically, and she'll get added to the site. And of course we hope that the participatory nature of the strip and website (and social network components) will attract lots of girls. Actually, there is precedent for comic creator "oddities" like this. The comic strip Luann, for example, is by a man. Girls & Sports is by 2 men. A few years ago I rented an office and my next-door neighbor was a guy in his late 20s who was doing a comic strip about seniors. Seems to be a long comics tradition. 8^) As techGRL progresses, we hope to do some stuff that will encourage girls to become more interested in and skilled at technology. That conference sounds great.

  3. Jill
    Jill 9 years ago .Reply

    Hi Steve – thanks. You are definitely right about the precedent. The syndicated strip Flo & Friends is about seniors and I know the illustrator and co-writer, Jenny Campbell well – she's far from senior-age and was much younger when the strip began several years ago. In fact, she did the cartoon icon I use around the 'net from time to time. It's on my Twitter account actually. As part of a few different groups related to women, the media and tech, I probably notice this kind of oddity as you call it more than others might, but still – it does make me wonder, why didn't two women with daughters come up with it!? :) I'm going to forward a link to Nancy Gruver, whom I met at WAM!2008 and who is the founder and publisher of New Girl Media – which publishes New Moon magazine, which is aimed at girls. Not sure, but they might be a good connection for you too. Thanks again and good luck!

  4. Derek Scruggs
    Derek Scruggs 9 years ago .Reply

    Congrats Steve!

  5. Darko
    Darko 9 years ago .Reply

    Congrats Steve I hope this will become success story for you, very soon. However, i have to ask why there are so many elements on that techgirl site/blog? It is confusing, the distinction between post is hard to find. don`t get me wrong, the features are OK, but you can introduce the one by one. it think this structure is going to be too complicated for occasional reader all best

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