New coming, eyetrack-tweaked

By Steve Outing

My former colleagues at the Poynter Institute have produced a nice video about the upcoming (significant) redesign of (aka, Poynter Online). I worked with Poynter for about four years (I’ve now been away a couple years), and first arrived just as the team was putting finishing touches on the previous redesign, as I recall.

I’m looking foward to seeing what the smart folks at Poynter do with this one. The current design doesn’t take into account the results of the last two eyetracking studies by Poynter; this new one will. Should be interesting to see what they come up with.

What’s one of the biggest flaws that eyetrack research reveals about the current design? On the homepage in the right column is a list of the site’s columnists. Placement on the page is almost guaranteed to not be seen by many page visitors. Moving that to the left would give columnists better visibility and probably more clickthroughs by users. The navigation links in the left column take up valuable homepage real estate. Moving them to a horizontal nav across the top would work as well or better. It appears from this video that fixing those problems will be part of the redesign.

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