Domains for sale:,

By Steve Outing

If you’re anything like me, you’ve got some domains sitting around gathering dust (and costing annual renewal fees). In my case, projects that didn’t work out, or projects that were envisioned but never got off the ground, are the reason.

I’ve got a couple domains that I think are pretty good names:

  • is from a long time ago, when spam wasn’t yet a huge problem and there weren’t many solutions to it available yet. I hooked up with a couple other folks, including a software developer who had a good idea (we thought at the time). It didn’t get off the ground. And I also wonder why I got involved, since it was a bit outside my expertise and interests.

There aren’t many domains left with “mail” in the name. Could anyone use this one? Make an offer (please!). :) I think is a great domain for someone wanting to target that demographic niche. Any takers?

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