How much did your neighbors give, and to whom?

By Steve Outing

The Huffington Post has a really nice feature that lets you look at map views of who has donated money to US political campaigns: FundRace 2008.

The flashy bits include the ability to look at a list of celebrities and see how much they donated and to whom — e.g., Cindy Crawford. It even includes their street addresses!

But it’s also fascinating (and yes, addicting) to use the tool to see who among your neighbors has donated. I was able to zoom in on my neighborhood and find that only one household had donated enough to trigger being in this database. You get the person’s name, address, occupation, name of the candidate money was donated to, and the amount.

For fun, I took a screen grab of Boulder, Colorado, where I live. Boulder is known as a politically liberal community, so I’d expect to see a lot of blue dots representing Democratic donations. Sure enough, it’s true:

The political antithesis of Boulder is Colorado Springs, a couple-hour drive to the south and a conservative bastion. Sure enough, there’s a much larger proportion of red there, representing GOP donations:

That’s pretty interesting. Colorado Springs’ Republicans don’t seem to be donating as much money as Boulder’s Democrats. That tells you something about the enthusiasm and drive of Democrats to wrest control back from the GOP, perhaps, vs. I would guess the lack of enthusiasm of Republicans. (From my point of view, I’d guess that the Republicans to my south are less enamored with their party after 7 years of George W. Bush.)

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