A brilliantly designed web infographic

By Steve Outing

I’m a fan of good infographics, especially multimedia. (I spent a few years of my traditional newspaper career working on infographics, and back when I worked at the Poynter Institute I studied multimedia graphics as part of an eyetracking research project.) It’s always nice to point to good work, and NYTimes.com has produced a great multimedia infographic about Super Bowl ads over the years:

The Super Ad Bowl: Two Decades of Players

See for yourself, but what I like is how easy this infographic is to use. A simple slider takes you back through the years, where you can click to watch the ads. (I do wish the Times had found more old ads to include, though.) The graphic doesn’t feature flashy, sexy design — actually, it’s a bit bland looking — but it is brilliantly designed. The form is good enough; the function is what makes it.

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