Felons, adulterers will find it tough to get dates

By Steve Outing

Online dating, of course, is big business — and it’s increasingly competitive. What’s the next big thing? From Classified Intelligence Report (paid subscription):

According to Online Dating Insider, a major personals site is getting ready to announce built-in background checks into members’ criminal records, marital status, etc. Right
now, that’s the modus operandi of True.com, a 10-year-old personals site for which background checks are the unique selling proposition — and which, it sounds like, needs to get ready for some serious competition.”

That’s brilliant. It could shut down a bunch of unfaithful spouses looking for fun on the side by using online dating services. Or are those people already using fake names? :)

If you’re disturbed by the privacy implications of this, I’ll point out that often it’s already possible to learn a lot about a prospective date simply by Googling him or her.

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  1. Ann Handley
    Ann Handley 9 years ago .Reply

    This is right up there with another favorite NYorker cartoon: A dog sits behind a PC and comments, \"On the internet, no one knows you\'re a dog.\"

    : )

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