Woe is a Boulder PC guy

By Steve Outing

I’m an outcast in my family. I’m like Apple’s “PC Guy” in a family of “Mac Guys.”

This morning I learned that my mother-in-law just got a new Macbook after a life of using PCs. This was a few months after my father-in-law switched from lifelong use of PCs to a Mac. Within the last year, my wife and 2 daughters each have gotten Macs — again, switching away from PCs. Oh, and there’s my (now ex-) business partner, who switched to a Mac in 2006.

I’ve been using a PC since 1995, when I gave up using a Mac because in those days, every new Internet application that came out was for PC only; the Mac versions usually came out 6-12 months later. But I’m ready for a change back. PCs have gotten so annoying, with all the crap that accumulates on them: the spyware, the viruses. (Last time I upgraded Norton Anti-Virus, Firefox slowed to a crawl, and I’ve yet to find a solution.)

Maybe Santa will put a Mac under the tree for me this year. Let’s see, have I been nice? … Umm, my start-up company nose-dived this fall. I doubt Santa can afford it. :(

But seriously, my family can’t be an aberration. There seems to be a serious move away from PCs. Have you noticed it in your circle of friends and family?

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