Twitter made even easier (using Jott)

By Steve Outing

I just discovered, a very cool voice service that can interact with other web applications. Tonight I’ve been trying it out with RemberTheMilk, a web to-do utility that interacts nicely with Google Calendar. By using Jott, I can speak into my cell phone while I’m away from my computer and very easily add a reminder to my RTM tast list. Very handy!

Jott also works with Twitter, and I’ve been experimenting with that. The short explanation is that after you set up your (free) Jott account and link it to your Twitter account, you can use your cell phone to call in Twitter posts (tweets). Jott gives you a number to call; just speak (up to 30 seconds) and it’ll get posted to Twitter. (Because Jott recognizes the number you’re calling from, it’s super quick; just tell Jott where to send the message and start talking.)

Of course, the voice recognition isn’t going to be perfect, but it seems pretty darn good.

In earlier posts I’ve been discussing the idea of reporters using Twitter for covering major breaking stories with micro-burst coverage — that is, very short news alerts sent to Twitter as new information is discovered. Using Jott to speak to Twitter will be faster than trying to text sentences with your cell phone. It’s worth experimenting with.

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