We want embedding rights!

By Steve Outing

I’ve mentioned before how important it is for media companies to get their content out there — meaning everywhere, including on any blog that will carry it. (It’s the “atomization of media” thing.) I see that MSNBC.com is taking up that charge, as you can see in the screengrab below. I’d wanted to post one of its videos on this blog and went looking for its embed code; found this instead. Oh well, at least they’re working on doing the right thing!

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2 Responses to "We want embedding rights!"

  1. JohnofScribbleSheet
    JohnofScribbleSheet 10 years ago .Reply

    I do all 5!

  2. Tom
    Tom 10 years ago .Reply

    The problem with posts like this is the presumption that blogs lie at the centre of the universe, and the closer that journalists get to achieving the state of electronic enlightenment that you have found, the closer they come to truly understanding the people they\'re writing for.

    This isn\'t true. Most people succeed in living modern, completely-connected, fully-engaged lives without writing a blog. Many might read blogs, but not everybody is cut out to routinely produce good content. The Internet is changing the way people get their media. But it\'s not turning them into Techmeme clones.

    (On the flip side, it *does* strike me as odd – and inconsistent with my experience – that fewer journalists would have social networking profiles than blogs. Unlike blogs, social network pages *are* a part of many readers\' daily lives. On top of which, social networking pages are basic news-gathering tools today.)

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