Potts to shake things up at Philly.com

By Steve Outing

Backfence co-founder Mark Potts (also ex-Washinton Post and various other new media ventures) has found a chance to put his money where his mouth is, so to speak. He’s accepted a 3-month assignment at Philly.com as acting vice president-editorial. Philly.com is the website for the Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News.

Potts talks about the gig on his blog, Recovering Journalist — and notes that “I think it means the Recovering Journalist has technically fallen off the wagon.” He’s been using his blog and other writings for some time to tell the news industry what it’s doing wrong and what should be done. Now he’s got 3 months to get a bunch of his ideas implemented or at least started.

Three months?! Sounds awfully ambitious for that short period of time. Good luck, Mark!

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