My grassroots media lesson

By Steve Outing

My November column for Editor & Publisher Online is up, and I’m going to be curious about reaction to it. The topic this month is what I learned about grassroots media from my experience with the Enthusiast Group, a company I founded a year and a half ago, but that is closing down. Here’s the column:

An Important Lesson About Grassroots Media

The short version is that in most cases, I think that grassroots content when presented on its own can’t succeed. (There are exceptions, of course — like Youtube.) That does not mean that my Enthusiast Group experience soured me on grassroots or user-submitted content. Quite the contrary, actually. But I do think that it needs to be appropriately incorporated with quality professional content in order to make a website that will attract a significant audience.

Why don’t you read the column and tell me what you think?

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