Kindle looks great, if you can live without color

By Steve Outing

Amazon’s Kindle e-reader device was just introduced, and it does look very cool. It’s what many of us have been hoping would come along for years — a truly wireless device that will allow purchase of books, magazine subscriptions, and newspapers, as well as pick up feeds of blogs. Roger Fidler must be pleased.

Check out this video for an overview of the device:

Of course, as amazing as the Kindle appears to be, the glaring deficiency is the black-and-white screen. I don’t know … I’m just not sure I could plunk down several hundred dollars for a device that has me reading newspapers and magazines without color. I look forward to later versions with color screens. That’s got to be a tough technology nut to crack.

I have an early e-book reader sitting in a box somewhere — it was manufactured by RCA. That thing is so clunky and underpowered compared to the Kindle. The interface to download books is “stone age” compared to the Kindle’s wireless (and wi-fi-less) connection to the virtual bookstore. The technologists are getting really close to giving us a great personal digital reader.

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