Great new design … damn, it crashed!

By Steve Outing

I really like the new design of and its customizable homepage. You can move sections around it whatever order you want, and select how many headlines and story blurbs are shown in each section.

I assume that the settings are cookie-based, since I don’t see the need to log in to get your customized page. Problem with that, of course, is that if you have reason to clear out all your cookies, your customization is gone.

Alas, when I tried to update my location, it crashed my browser. Sigh.

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2 Responses to "Great new design … damn, it crashed!"

  1. Mark Potts
    Mark Potts 10 years ago .Reply

    We saw a lot of the same sort of opining on the death of citizen journalism when Backfence shut down this summer. Most of it seemed to come from mainstream media folks, and it was reminscent of the same level of analysis from mainstream media that gleefully pronounced the Web dead when the first wave of Intenet companies crashed in 2000–you know, \"Phew, good thing we dodged THAT bullet.\"

    In fact, we\'re at the very earliest stages of this revolution (I think that makes you and I the pioneers with the arrows in our backs). The business model remains unproven (another flashback to the crash of 2000), but smart people are doing very interesting things in this space, and it\'s just a matter of time before somebody figures it out. Citizen journalism–or whatever you want to call it–dead? Nothing good be further fromt he truth!

  2. Amy Gahran
    Amy Gahran 10 years ago .Reply

    Steve, moving beyond the mainstream is always difficult, and it takes a lot of experimentation to find the best way to make it work.

    IME, people who are too chicken to stick their own necks out by trying something different tend to be the first (and loudest) to criticize those who do, in order to justify their own inertia and fear.

    – Amy Gahran

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