Good grief,!

By Steve Outing

I thought I’d confirmed my subscription to’s e-mail news alerts using its antiquated e-mail list system. I had to jump through a bunch of absurd hoops (including starting a new subscription after renewing the old one didn’t work), and the latest — after I thought it was completed — is this e-mail I just received:

Your command:


has remained unconfirmed for more than 48h and is being cancelled. If you did want it executed but were unable to send the confirmation in time, just re-issue the command to get a new confirmation code. The one you were sent before can no longer be used.

I’m guessing that the confirmation e-mail (I thought I’d already dealt with that) they sent me went into my spam filter. And now I have to repeat the process, but the instructions above are obtuse.

What’s the deal, Why are you still using an antiquated and apparently buggy e-mail list system? The one you’re using is stuck in 1995!

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