The personal advantage of Facebook

By Steve Outing

I’ve found that I use Facebook much more than LinkedIn, these days. I’m not the classic Facebook user who uses the popular social utility primarily for personal reasons; I use it more as a professional tool. But the thing I really like about it, and why it’s better than strictly professional LinkedIn, is that it does mix professional and personal.

An Email Insider column by Bill McCloskey today had a great description of this:

Having used Facebook now for a few weeks, simply seeing people’s pictures has become a great advancement to my face/name-challenged mind. I might actually recognize some of these people at the next trade show I attend. And there is a fascination in keeping in constant touch with every bit of minutiae in your network members’ personal lives. Knowing that powerful, high-ranking colleagues are suffering from insomnia, buying paint at Home Depot, or sitting around bored on a Sunday adds an aspect to business networking that is just missing from sites like Linked-in.”

Nicely said.

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