Saving investigative journalism

By Steve Outing

The decline of the newspaper industry and its continuing spate of layoffs is bad news for investigative journalism. As publishers cut back operations to deal with ad revenue declines, investigative projects become a luxury. I’ve written before about this problem, and suggested that non-profits and foundations may be one way to save this important watchdog role of the press.

Here’s an example of that scenario beginning to play out. A new non-profit group called Pro Publica is being formed to fund and produce investigative journalism projects, which it will pitch to newspapers and magazines. One of the founders is Paul Steiger, who was top editor of the Wall Street Journal for 16 years.

While non-profit, foundation-funded news may not be the complete answer to the inability of the newspaper industry to sustain an adequate level of watchdog journalism, I do expect that we’ll see more of this. We have to.

Author: Steve Outing Steve Outing is a Boulder, Colorado-based media futurist, digital-news innovator, consultant, journalist, and educator. ... Need assistance with media-company future strategy? Get in touch with Steve!

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  1. jen_chan, writer Mem
    jen_chan, writer Mem 10 years ago .Reply

    Twitter. Twitter. Just a thought. This is actually what we\'re discussing in class now. Well. Sort of. In class, the professor asked us whether the Internet has surpassed the news reporting power of print and broadcast media. After all, if an incident suddenly occurred right outside your window, you could easily write about it or post a video on YouTube, right? You\'ll definitely be the first one to report the whole thing…

  2. Kurt
    Kurt 10 years ago .Reply

    Hey, thanks for posting this, Steve. I haven\'t gotten an answer from my inquiry to Twitter yet!

  3. Kurt
    Kurt 10 years ago .Reply

    Hmmm. As I look more, I wonder how useful this would be for breaking news if one of the steps involves sending an email to Twitter…?

  4. angelique
    angelique 9 years ago .Reply

    PLUS you can of sign up your communal Tweet on, where you can set a timer button to mark beginning/end of the event. It also gets you exposure to other journalists. Drop us a line and we\'ll report the event on the reporTwitter blog too.
    Angelique van Engelen

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