Communicating via Facebook: OK with you?

By Steve Outing

I’ve been alerting folks in my professional contact network about my new white paper. One of the ways I did that was to go through my Facebook friends list, and send messages — via Facebook — to those I thought would be interested.

Now, I could have sent them e-mails, but using Facebook to send the messages was easier and faster. (Facebook profiles show friends’ e-mail addresses, but you can’t copy and paste them.)

I’ve been wondering if I’ll get any backlash for this, but so far nothing. Folks don’t seem to mind, and they reply to me, usually, with a Facebook message sent to my Facebook inbox.

Using Facebook for messaging is problematic in terms of archiving. To look for old messages, I now have to search not only Gmail (the service I use) but also Facebook. I await a solution to tie those together. Google, when will you have that ready? (Part of Socialstream, maybe? I don’t see mention of e-mail integration, just integrating across multiple social networks. But solving this little problem sure would be nice!)

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