Things are getting shorter and shorter

By Steve Outing

I’m not sure that this is particularly profound, but I found myself thinking today how I now have several different venues for my thoughts when I write. Early in my career as a journalist I wrote articles — and that was it. Then came blogs, and I had an appropriate venue to write up shorter and sometimes less important things that never made it to the keyboard before. Blog “items” generally weren’t as well thought out or as thoroughly researched. My blogs were outlets for “lesser” stuff than I reserved for articles and columns.

Now there’s an extra step down in length and significance. For a really quick thought that can be expressed in under 160 characters, I now fire off a note to Twitter. Stuff that in the past wouldn’t have made it out of my mind even onto a blog item now occasionally ends up on my Twitter log.

That’s kind of cool. I still haven’t figured out how to use Twitter in a way that’s interesting for anyone besides myself, but perhaps my life is too dull. :) Others with more fascinating lives may well have better Twitter content. (Hey, Tiger Woods, why don’t you Twitter?)

My one issue with Twitter is that it conflicts with Facebook‘s “My Status” alerts that Facebook members use just like Twitter. I find that I update My Status on FB more often than I do Twitter. I wish that FB would make the two into one — allowing users to opt for Twitter postings to show up in My Status.

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