Speaking ill of the dead

By Steve Outing

Of course it’s considered bad form to speak ill of the dead. But what of someone like right-wing fundamentalist Jerry Falwell, who spent much of his life insulting and denigrating those who didn’t see the world in his extremely narrow (and bizarre) view? Someone like that I’m not sure can expect to get a neat and tidy send-off.

On CNN, Anderson Cooper interviewed Christopher Hitchens, author of “God Is Not Great,” and Hitchens held nothing back in trashing Falwell. (From my perspective, it was a joy to watch — but I suppose that demonstrates bad form on my part. :) )

Bravo to Cooper for letting Hitchens have his say. Falwell was a divisive public figure, to say the least. I’m glad to see that CNN didn’t let Falwell off easy even in death.

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