NAA shoots self in foot with flying newspapers

By Steve Outing

Alan Mutter is right. The Newspaper Association of America’s advertising campaign is beyond lame — and shoots the industry in the foot. The only group that would think this bizarre mascot is futuristic or cool are probably over 60.

Then there’s the game that you use a gun to shoot newspapers at paper boxes as they float by. Hello! What year are you guys still in? Print newspapers?! Sidewalk newspaper boxes?! Could you possibly think of anything that better demonstrates how behind the times the industry is?

Geez, it’s way past time for NAA to fire the agency responsible for this.

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2 Responses to "NAA shoots self in foot with flying newspapers"

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  2. Howard Owens
    Howard Owens 10 years ago .Reply

    Critics may argue that it tries to trick the user into thinking it is editorial content and not an ad.

    I would argue, being a Facebook user and seeing these ads often, that it\'s obvious by the content that the ads and paid announcements.

    I would further argue that the ads are superior from a user perspective because they fit the context of the user experience rather than be obnoxiously intrusive. Intrusive ads face inevitable extinction.

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