Watch fake news; grasp what’s really happening

By Steve Outing

I love this: From a New York Times report on a new Pew survey, it is revealed that the people in the US that know the most about what’s going on (that is, the news junkies who actually follow what’s happening) are more likely to be viewers of fake news shows like Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show and The Colbert Report.

The people who knew the least: folks who watched network morning news programs, Fox News or local television news.

Ah, well that nicely confirms my stereotypes (especially of Fox News viewers). And I thought I was being just being prejudiced by my liberal, secular bias. (I’m a news junkie who does enjoy and watches Stewart and Colbert when I can find the time.) Guess not.

And here’s a juicy tidbit: 31 percent of people asked to name the current US vice president could not come up with Dick Cheney’s name! Incredible. Wow. You really have to be out to lunch to not have heard of the most unpopular and scary VP in American history.

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