What I said … Yeah, I still believe it

By Steve Outing

I don’t always stand behind what I wrote several years ago. After all, writing about media trends and making predictions is dangerous business in an industry that changes as rapidly as online media. But I do still believe what I wrote in this column for Editor & Publisher Online, which is about American media’s (and American news consumers’) unreasonable squeamishness about seeing unpleasant realities.

The column re-entered my consciousness because E&P editor Greg Mitchell sent me a note today informing me that EditorandPublisher.com had republished it, on the occasion of the fourth anniversary of the fall of Saddam Hussein.

The intro to my rehashed column notes that despite written protect, few in the media have since adopted my point of view. The same problem that I cited in this column four years ago mostly continues. Most Americans still don’t see the true ghastly reality of the Iraq war and America’s involvement in it. They’re too “soft” to take it, mainstream news organizations seem to think.

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