A shitty posting

By Steve Outing

I’m consistently delighted by some of the stuff that users post to our Enthusiast Group websites — which are citizen media based online communities geared for sport enthusiasts. And because we don’t censor or restrict what gets posted, some “interesting” content appears from time time to time — stuff that I just can’t imagine finding a home in traditional media.

Take this story, “Explosion on the Prow,” posted by a user to YourClimbing.com. It’s the story of a Yosemite climb with a real character who has a, umm, shitty mishap on the rock. It’s very funny and clever, and even includes a cartoon accompaniment. I suppose maybe a climbing magazine editor with a warped sense of humor might let this in, but I doubt it would turn up on the Outdoors pages of a newspaper. But we’re happy to have it appear on YourClimbing.com.

Bad taste? Should we exercise our editorial perogative and unpublish a story about a climber getting diarrhea mid-climb? Of course not. That would be old media, gatekeeper thinking.

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2 Responses to "A shitty posting"

  1. Alfred Hermida
    Alfred Hermida 10 years ago .Reply

    The CBC has stepped into this dilemma, by <a href=\"http://reportr.net/2007/08/03/cbc-tells-journalis…rel=\"nofollow\">telling its journalists not to befriend sources</a>. I can understand why CBC has done this.

    But I agree with your point that being a little more transparent about yourself on Facebook is not necessarily a bad thing.

  2. Em
    Em 10 years ago .Reply

    I agree — most readers do not pay attention to bylines, anyway.

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