It didn’t take long: Saddam hanging video

By Steve Outing

As expected, there’s already video of Saddam’s hanging — I mean the actual death — online. A blog reader pointed me to this. It looks like someone had a video camera phone with them and surreptitiously shot the few minutes before the actual hanging, because the camera moves around a lot and after the floor drops and Saddam falls, there’s a period of black and lots of voices before the camera manages to focus again on his face and broken neck.

A check on Youtube turns up only images of Saddam up to the point of having the noose put around his neck — the same images as seen on TV, provided by Iraqi state television, which don’t include the actual point of death.

As I’ve said before, mainstream news editors can no longer expect to be the sole arbiters of taste when it comes to what the public sees in events like this. The full gruesome reality is available online and likely will be from now on when it comes to big news stories. The camera cell phone truly changes everything, because they’re now everywhere, and are easily concealed. (I don’t know that this was a cell phone video, but it sure looks like it.)

While someone alerted me to the video, it isn’t hard for anyone to find. A quick search on Technorati turns it up, although using Google it’s a bit trickier. It takes only the smallest amount of Internet savvy to find the graphic video of Saddam’s moment of death.

UPDATE: The link to the hanging video above was removed. However, do a Technorati search as I describe above and it’s easy to find. 

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