Pop-ups: RIP

By Steve Outing

A few years ago I remember writing a lot about how website pop-up ads were evil and how I thought that in time, because online users would spurn them, online publishers would be forced to abandon them.

Well, I’m pleased now to see this article by The Guardian: Pop-ups shot down by surfers but ‘relevant’ web advertising thrives.

Every once in a while it’s nice to be proven right on a prediction. :)


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One Response to "Pop-ups: RIP"

  1. mike strand
    mike strand 10 years ago .Reply

    Amazing. At my paper, big-time management is spending huge amounts of money on a new system for updating the website. Among the advantages touted are that it will be almost completely automated, and it will post the \'final\' version of the story — in other words, the cut-to-fit version. Frankly, both of these strike me as negatives — but I\'ve given up long ago

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